I’ve lived and studied in three countries (Indonesia, Malaysia and Germany) and travelled to most countries in Europe and Asia. I’ve met with countless inspiring and active individuals and have found that communication is definitely not limited to language. It is a matter seeing and understanding the differences in perspectives in different cultures that allows us to really see things as they are.

I’m always on the lookout for the latest deals and promos and am a compulsive bargain shopper be it a spa date for my girlfriends at 90% discount or taking my car to get detailed for next to nothing.

Keeping all my skills to myself would be extremely selfish so I’ve decided to share them with you guys on a semi-regular basis. Check back often to make sure you don’t miss the latest tips, trips and tricks.

I hope my blog inspired you to travel too!


“Travelling is the closest you can get to buying happiness.”

Have a hot tip for me? Email me! nonacapsa@gmail.com

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