How To Get Domicile Letter for KITAS Application in Bali

Starting August 2020, foreigner who are spouse of Indonesian citizen may enter Indonesia by applying family reunion e-visa C317. Once entered Indonesia, the foreigner must go to nearest immigration office within 30 days to convert the e-visa C317 to KITAS if he/she want to stay longer in Indonesia.

In case the immigration office location is not the same with the Indonesian Spouse address in their KTP ( Identity card) the Indonesian Spouse then will need to apply DOMICILE LETTER from Kecamatan in order for the local immigration office able to process the KITAS for their foreigner spouse.

Like for our example, my permanent address in Indonesia is in West Borneo where my parent stayed. It is a small town where by no immigration office exist. Not to mention to go back to my hometown from Jakarta is quite a long journey and a costly one. Therefore our plan after entering Indonesia is to stay in Bali for 3 – 5 months while working remotely. It is unwise for us to travel to WEST BORNEO just for the KITAS conversion – it is very inconvenient and costly.

So after our first visit to NGURAH RAI IMMIGRATION OFFICE we got advice to get the DOMICILE Letter then they will be able to process Ogi’s KITAS application.

Below are the process:

  1. Go to KELURAHAN OFFICE nearby your current accommodation – it can be your rental house, villa or hotel. In google map you can search with this term: KANTOR KELURAHAN and select the nearest one to your location. Document you need to bring is (1) Original KTP, (2) Original AKTE LAHIR and (3) Original KARTU KELUARGA as well as one photocopy of each of them.
  2. Once you are at the Kelurahan Office, you can inform them that you need to apply for SURAT PENDUDUK NON-PERMANENT. If they ask for reason, you can inform them that you need the letter to be submitted to immigration office for them to process your spouse KITAS.
  3. You will fill up a form and after that the kelurahan officer will process your request and within the same day (in my case less around 30 minutes) they will issue you the following: (1) Surat Tanda Bukti Pendataan penduduk non-permanent (2) Pendataan Penduduk NonPermanen and (3) Data Anggota Nonpermanent. Images of the letter as below.
  4. After getting these letters, I then brought it to KANTOR KECAMATAN and request for the signature and stamp. Thats it, very simple and all can be done within same day if you came early (during Corona Pandemic time, government office open half day only from 8am – 12pm)
  5. It is recommended after getting these letter you make a copy and submit 1 copy to the KELING (Kepala Lingkungan) of your accommodation area.

Validity of these letter are short and in our case we got it for 6 months. It Is FREE of charge to get.

That’s it. After get the above letters you can directly go back to the immigration office together with others required documents and submit the KITAS application. GOOD LUCK!

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