KITAS Application & Requirement

Indonesia e-visa during covid-19 pandemic times

How to apply for KITAS yourself?

The brochure below is a checklist for applying KITAS. It shows the documents required for applying KITAS. We got it in Bali, but the documents required should be similar everywhere. It will teach you how to apply for KITAS yourself, and not have to use an agent.

The brochure has the entire procedure and for different categories of KITAS.

English Version – item no 3 and 9 is not required. It can be skipped
Bahasa Indonesia version – item no 3 and 9 tidak di perlukan.

You may download the Sponsorship Letter /Surat permohonan HERE

You may download the Guarantee Letter / Surat Permintaan Jaminan dari Penjamin HERE

You may download the Curriculum Vitae / Daftar Riwayat Hidup HERE

You may download the Application Form / Formulir permohonan HERE

If you applying KITAS not at the same area with your Indonesian Spouse KTP address, you need additional document which is DOMICILE LETTER. You may read HERE in details how your Indonesian Spouse may obtain the letter at your new address of residence.

Once you have all documents ready, the sponsor and applicant can go to the immigration office together and submit the application accordingly. If you are lucky, the applicant can proceed with the photoshoot and finger print recording within the same day after made payment- we were lucky and finish everything within 1 hour. The visit were on the 26 November and by 2nd of December we collected back Ogi’s passport and the KITAS were issued.

It is recommended for you to bring CASH for the payment so that payment can be done directly at the immigration. Otherwise you have to go to nearby bank for transfer and then go back to the immigration again for the photoshoot and finger print recording. As for now, there is no online transfer solution for the payment.

Below is Ogi’s KITAS for your reference:

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If you do not have Indonesia family member to be your sponsor or you do not have time to apply your self, you may contact below agent to get you an eVisa to enter Indonesia during this COVID-19 Pandemic time. All VOA and FREE VISA program are currently on hold till further notice thus you need the Evisa to enter.

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