Covid-19 PCR Test Istanbul Airport

Indonesia e-visa

It is really easy and professionally arranged. The testing is modern and does not look like pandemic or end of the world scary lab test!

Getting to the new airport from the city is quite easy as well using the Havaist bus that has a few stops from around town and is very comfortable. The cost is 30TL per person and it took less than an hour to arrive. I think we were a bit lucky with the traffic there. They’ve quite few stops including Besiktas, Taksim, Sultanahmet, Aksaray, etc. More information about them is here.

Location: Level 0 – Arrival Hall Metting Point no 4 (Door 14). Note that you will have to go in through the departures that are upstairs. Door 7 is the closest. Be prepared with your ID and a ticket. Our ticket was a week in advance and was not that thoroughly checked but it was still asked. You might be able to get through without one, but it’s a question.

It is located at the right end of the building after you exit arrival hall. If you come from departure hall, go to door 7 area and take the elevator down to level 0

3:53PM We took the queue number and then went to the waiting room with a screen with numbers and the counters for registration. The names on top (Biotest, Safak, etc) are different companies that are doing the tests and have separate queues in the testing area.

Our queue no

4: 01 PM Registration Counter – We gave our passport and paid 250TL/person. No other documents or information was asked for. Credit card accepted.

The registration and payment counters

4:08PM Test / Sample Collection is in the other area.

The entrance of the sample collection area
The queue for the sample collection. As you can see it was not crowded and very spacious and well organized. On the floor you can see an area marked Biotest in dark blue. Lighter blue is another testing company.
Ogi entering the sample collection booth

4.25PM Done. The whole process took less than 1 hour.

To compare with our first experience at Sunway Hospital in Malaysia, the sample collection here are more rough Hahaha …
The stick for sample collection are bigger so we can feel the discomfort when it being inserted into our throat and nose trill. It was fast but suffering LOL

We were told that the result will available in 4 hours. We can download online or yor can request hard copy from information desk.

And true enough the result came very fast indeed. In our case it was only within 3 hours

The official result we download from the website given

There you go. Tumbs up for Turkey for the Test Facility set up and the cheapest so far – from 5 countries we been through so far during corona times.

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