Top 3 Waterfalls in Bosnia And Herzegovina

1. Štrbački buk

Photo taken at 7pm on the month of Aug. During Summer, we can have sunlight till 7.45pm

It was the grandest waterfalls – 25 meters high. It is located in unbelievable untouched nature of the Una National Park. To reach this waterfall, it is recommended to do it in daytime and with own transportation (normal car is acceptable when entering from entrance no 3 – Ćelije ). It is about 8 – 9 km of gravel road from the main village and if you pass it at night it will be quite challenging as the fog along Una river is quite thick. Some animals also might appear in the middle of the pretty small road.

Fog above the Una river. How magical this view is?

A great part of the trip is not only the waterfall itself, but the view along the gravel road. There were a few rest stops where you can chill and sunbathe, have a picnic, hop on a boat or fish. The Una river itself is mesmerizing. Crystal clear emerald green water with a perfect calmness in which the forest reflection is as clear as in a mirror.

Camping sites are available at some small villages along that gravel road. They looked very well maintained with manicured grass, proper bathroom and a sitting area. Do note that once you enter the Una park entrance, no camping is allowed. Other activities available here is rafting.

2. Kravice Waterfall

Located just 43 km from Mostar, Kravice waterfalls were very easy to reach by car. We reached at night, set up our camp and swam the next morning. The water was so refreshing, clear and perfect for a summer dip.

Camping was super fun. Entrance to camping ground by car is only BAM 10.
If you enter after 8pm, it is free.
View at night

There were a few restaurants next to the waterfall where you can enjoy a cold beer with a lovely view. Other activities availble here are canoeing and electric boat ride.

3. Pliva Waterfalls – Jajce

8BAM entrance fee

Conviniently located in the middle of beatiful town at the center of Bosnia, Jajce. It is a must to come down to the stage below to have a full view of the waterfall exactly accros from it. You can feel the breeze from the water.

Beside the waterfall, you can take a walk around the Jajce old town, visit the Catacombs of Jajce (2 BAM entry fee)- 600 years old underground tomb or stroll around a well maintained park in the middle of the city. Other activities available here are zipline and waterfall jumping.

5 km away is the beautiful Pliva lake and water mills – excellent spots for camping and relaxing with water sports at the big lake. We highly recommend this.

Mlinčići Watermill. Very popular instagram spot

Which is your favorite among the 3?

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