Majstor Za Pivo – Review

If we are to translate the restaurant name to English, literally it means: Beer Master or Expert.
Indeed the beer selection here is super extensive, you can find all kinds from BiH, of course, but also from Serbia, Germany, Belgium, Czech, Scotland, Croatia and Montenegro. A few friends and family also recommended as having good burgers as well. Today we decided to try it out and here is our review.

Very informative menu in newspaper design


Very chillin’ and enough space for social distancing in the outdoor sitting area. Long tables for groups and small tables for couples. Inside, the restaurant is very cozy with brick walls, a bar and contemporary wall decor. Social distancing is possible inside as well.

The restaurant beatifully sourrounded by greenery

The entrance. Notice the beers bottle printed on the floor. Such a nice touch

The long table sitring area for group

Single or couple sitting table


We ordered 3 different types for sampling — out of a choice of probably more than a hundred.

  1. Gvint from Serbia for me. Balanced combination of bitterness and sweetness
  2. Gelender from BiH for Ogi. Silky taste and pleasant bitterness with aroma of tropical fruits from Columbus and Simcoe hops.
  3. Agent 071 from BiH for Una. Easy, seductive and drinkable






We ordered all 3 types of burgers available the clear winner is The Royal Burger – well, it has bacon in it so it’s super obvious hahhaha! 1 thing to be aware of is the PORTION SIZE. If you select the small portion (Mala Porcija) you actually will be getting a normal sized burger. The regular portion is actually 2 burgers. Luckily I ordered the small portion, otherwise I have no idea how I would have finished it.
PS: we weren’t aware of the portion size and were quite surprised when the waiter borught out the food LOL

The burgers. Original – mine ( small portion) Ogi has the Chilly Burger on the right side and Una’s Royal burger on the left side – with onion rings as the sides

Close up looks of the Chilly burger. The star here is the chilly sauce, I really like it but caution: it is quite spicy

Bon appetite!

Overall the burgers lived up to our expectations. It tastes good in our mouth hahahah
You know, that feeling when you know it tastes good with just the first bite. We suspect it is because the patties are made with good quality meat, like most of the meat Bosnia has, and the bun are super very fresh and grilled to perfect done-ness. My favorite part is the sides, both the wedges and onion rings. They tasted super fried and at the the perfect fried level. Very crunchy making them the perfect sides for chew-chew 😉

The Royal Burger

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