Covid-19 Test at Sunway Hospital

New regulations by UAE authorities say that all passengers arriving and departing from Dubai airport must have Covid-19 Negative test result starting on 1st August 2020. Because of that we had to rush to get our test done today (Wednesday, 29. July 2020). Even though our first flight departs on Friday the 31st of July, the second will be on 1st August 2020.

Ogi and I started to search online and made a few calls (from about 11am) and luckily Sunway Hospital had slots open for the same day. Their website says 24 hours in advance but there were actually plenty of slots even with less notice.

Below will be the details and some visuals I manage to captured.


You may book your slot via whatapps (I love how convinient it is to book via whatsapps) in this number: 0193596176 by giving your FULL NAME and IC NUMBER/ PASSPORT NUMBER
After that you will received confirmation of booking and slot. We made the booking around 11.30am and got same day slot at 3pm.


Arrrive on time and the most important document needed for registration is your IC/Passport
STEP 1: Take A Number at Counter A
STEP 2: Screening At Counter A Or B (There will be announcement board like in Bank to tell you which counter to go to by displaying your queue number. IMPORTANT to gave your flight date to the Nurse here so she can add URGENT on your form
STEP 3: Registration and Payment (Nett RM300. Cash and Card are both accepted. For first timer, you need to fill up personal information form here)
STEP 4: COVID-19 TEST (the test itself is super fast, like less than 3 minutes. Sample taken from throat not really a problem but the one from nose feels exactly like when you swim and water come inside your nose. A little bit discomfort but it super quick)
STEP 5: Home ( You may straight away walk to car after that. Keep your receipt as it is needed for result collection)

Below are photos of the COVOD-19 TEST sett up on Sunway Hospital for your reference:

Sunway Hospital Tower B Entrance
The Covid-19 Test tent located on the right side of the Entrance Tower B
The procedure sinage
Step 1 : Take a number at counter B
Step 2: Screening, remember to give your flight date to the nurse if you need the result urgently
Step 3: Payment and registration. Here is the official receipt
Close up of the counters and nurses in charge
Under the tent. We came at quite time so there was no queue and waiting. Everything done in about 1 hour
Survive the test! Still can’t believe that now we are living in the pendemic era like in the movie

In reality the result announcement via SMS came on the 3rd day after the test. However, the next day after the test we followed up via the same whatsapp number and get confirmation that it is ready for collection. So we went back to Sunway Hospital and collect at the Emergency unit building reception area. We just need to gave them the receipt and got the test result in about 3 minutes.

The 3 of us all have negative results (the virus not detected). So we did our test about 3.45pm.on 29.7 and if you see on the result paper, the test result were out on 4.48am on 30.7. It about 12 hours only. So for those in a rush, be sure that you can get ur result next day

In overall, the process from booking till getting the result from Sunway Hospital are very well organized. The whatapps communication channel with promt reply are very good support to calm nervous travellers like us. Salut to Sunway Hospital for the efford and excellent customer service.

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