How to get to Templer Park Jungle Waterfall near Kuala Lumpur

Templer Park is quite a large forest reserve on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, in Gombak area. It is quite large and makes for a nice morning outing with the family. I has a stream that runs the entire length that has quite a few waterfalls surrounded by jungle and many many monkeys who have grown so used to people. The park is free of charge and it excellent for an easy trek through the jungle.

Getting there is quite easy since it’s very near an exit of North-South Expressway but on Google Maps there are a few places that all have a similar name, so that can be quite confusing. Here is the correct one:

The parking is right in front of it and when we visited it was free and there was plenty of empty spots.

The entrance to the park is not free but is, if I recall correctly about RM5 for foreigners and RM2 for locals.

When you enter the park are the first thing is the camping and picnic grounds and on the left is the path up towards the waterfalls. The first landing is a common swimming area with quite a large waterfall in the background. When we were there it was quite crowded so we decided to skip the swimming.

On the left, the path continues and we strongly recommend going up there since it gets better and better but to be fair it gets more and more tiring. The route isn’t perfect, it’s not bad, but it’s not stairs, there is mood and roots on the way so do be careful. After about a 15 minute trek you will reach a very lovely clearing with a fallen log over the small part of the stream.

If you’re lucky you might even make friends with a monkey 😀

Once you cross the stream, and take plenty of photos on the log, continue going a bit further through the jungle, don’t stop now, the best part is coming up. In about 3 minutes you’ll reach the next waterfall that’s even better, more secluded and very loud.

With all that said the lower parts aren’t maintained as well as they should so they’re a bit dirty and there is rubbish in quite a few places. That’s why we recommend that you wear comfy hiking shoes (they don’t have to be hardcore ones, but something that isn’t slippers) so that you can comfortably climb to the upper levels where it’s really quite clean and you end up smack in the middle of the jungle.

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