5 must have apps for travelling in South East Asia

Line and Whatsapp

Line and Whatsapp are by far the most popular messaging tools around here and very frequently you’ll get phone numbers or name cards that have the WhatsApp icon on them. On average texting is preferred even when calling would be more efficient. Whatsapp is much simpler to use compared to Line but Line has many more features. Line is also much more popular in areas near China while the rest of the area predominantly uses WhatsApp.

Fave and Groupon

You’re familiar with Groupon I’m sure, and Fave is pretty much the same deal except that it’s for this region. It pays to check these two in advance and buy coupons for places that you’re going to.

Uber / Grab / Gojek

Uber functions in most places around here so it’s a matter of personal preference. Grab is the dominant app in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia but we mainly use to compare prices since the surge pricing doesn’t kick in at the same time.

Gojek is the Indonesian version that that hails a ride but it’s a motorcycle and not a car. You can also order couriers and food on it.

Google Maps

Google Maps rewamped this region a couple of years ago and it the level of detail really surpasses the competition hands down. Couple that with the download maps feature and you can have the map of the entire city that doesn’t use data. Make sure to star and save places that you want to visit so that you they’re saved too otherwise you’ll get only the street information.

Offpeak / Eatigo

Offpeak and Eatigo are apps that offer discounts for restaurants at off-peak dining hours. The upside is that even during peak hours most, if not all restaurants offer at least a bit of a discount. These apps pair nicely with Google Maps reviews since you can check reviews on Google Maps and then check if they’re listed in these apps for a discount.

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