Travel Smart: Top tips for travelling in South East Asia

Over the past couple of weeks we took a look at common issues people face when travelling in South East Asia. Here, we give an overview for easy reference.

Don’t get scammed on transportation

While travelling you will spend a lot of time on getting around to places you actually want to see. Read up on the common transportation (buses, taxis, etc) and how to avoid them.

Don’t get scammed on food

Wherever you go, you will have to sample the local cuisine, but less the savoury characters know this and there are quite a few ways that you can get taken advantage of. Make sure you’re aware of things to watch out for and avoid places that are less then reputable.

Be skeptical on booking sites

We prefer booking accomodation via aggregation sites such as Expedia and Agoda, but you must know what to look for in the posting to get the best deal and that you aren’t disappointed.

If the accomodation isn’t to your liking though, don’t worry, it should be a small part of your stay and you can always

Double check your bookings

Booking sites are probably the most reputable way but if you’re booking chains or a bit higher end places make sure to double check the deals on directly on the hotel/airlines website as well.

Don’t get scammed on the street

Know and be aware of the most common ways that people will try to scam you on the street and know what are the common red flags.

Take care of your cash

Also, make sure that you’re aware how places skim extra off the top and make your travels a little more expensive and a little less pleasant.

Stay safe

Finally, take a look at how to stay safe. Always remember, that nothing is worth your own safety.

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