Don’t be afraid to make use of one way travel tickets

When booking flights you’ll most likely get a return ticket since it’s probably the cheapest alternative. It’s also the most convenient when travelling for a specific purpose on a predetermined timeline — when you have set get in and get out dates.

If you’re travelling to explore a place don’t forget to investigate whether you’re able to make use of two one way tickets from two different cities: X-Y — Z-X What often happens is that airlines will have promotions for specific routes but their return tickets will not be discounted. Then you have a one way ticket that costs USD50 and a return that costs USD500.

For instance:

When we were in Europe recently, Wizz air had a very affordable ticket to Budapest. The return, however, cost exactly ten times more. So, what we did was get a return ticket from Vienna and we took the train from Budapest to Vienna. Instead of paying some EUR400 we paid about EUR100, plus go to see Vienna again, plus took the train that was lovely too.

A final word: we don’t endorse “gray area” practices such as hidden city of fuel dumping. Remember that those are against terms of service for most, if not all airlines, and if they do find out that you’re doing them they will be within their rights to cancel your entire itinerary, so watch out for that.

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