How to deal with disappointing accomodation

There are a few ways that you can avoid being disappointed when you arrive (that we talked about before as well) but sometimes it’s just inevitable. So, in this post we want to give you some advice on how to deal with situations in hotels. The end result of these tips is to make the best out of a bad situation, not necessarily fix it completely.

Hotel Staff

The staff might be rude, or incompetent, or racist, whatever the case the way to deal with the staff depends on where you are and what kind of establishment you’re staying in. If you are in a alright hotel (doesn’t have to be the pinnacle of luxury) you can always ask to speak to a manager and in most cases they will be apologetic and try to get the situation resolve. Do not be a jerk and take advantage of this though. If you are in a smaller place, on the other hand, and the staff are rude or incompetent it’s best to assume they will not change and just work around it — instead of calling the front desk for towels, go there yourself and ask for some directly, instead of asking them for a good place to eat check Yelp or the equivalent. If however, you are in a smaller place and you feel unsafe we suggest leaving and reporting to the police.

I separated the larger and smaller places simply because there is much less accountability in a smaller place even if you don’t take into account the brand.

After you’re done with your trip make sure to leave a review that’s as detailed as possible so that you can help others.


Now, this is a blanket term under which any type of dishonesty can fall. If the hotel itself operates dishonestly it’s difficult to ask help from the staff since it’s probably a systematic problem. Two things will help you deal with this. 1. Do your research. Don’t just check the reviews for a particular hotel on one site and call it a day, especially if there are only a few. 2. Use a booking site. We’ve shared what to look for in a booking site before. Booking through a booking site is much safer in our opinion then even going with a tour. If anything is wrong you can refer to the site customer service for refunds and in many cases even assistance.

Run-down rooms and building

There isn’t much that you can do about this and since it’s not threatening to your safety it’s best to make peace with it especially since you can make your room simply the place where you keep your things. Regardless, this is another situation where prevention is better then cure. Proper research and being ever so slightly skeptical of every positive review and nice-looking picture is immensely helpful.


This can be either that the location is not good to explore the place from, or that it’s unsafe or dirty, etc. If the location is not good to explore the city the first thing you need to do is look into transportation options. Buses are normally more difficult to navigate but typically penetrate deeper into neighbourhoods that aren’t served by metro. Inform yourself of the best way to get to the metro and make sure to re-adjust your schedule to account for the additional travel time. If the location is unsafe make sure to leave your belongings in the hotel, do not come back too late at night. If you feel truly unsafe even walking the neighbourhood exit the bus or train a bit earlier and then take a taxi/Uber the rest of the way.

I hope this helps you reduce some of the stress that results from your hotel not living up to your expectations. If your safety is not in jeopardy put it in perspective and try not to worry about it too much but enjoy everything other then your hotel. Always, safety first. 🙂

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