News: Jerusalem security removed, Venezuela loses another airline, wildfires in France

Israel removes Jerusalem security measures

Israel has removed the last of the security measures that led to tensions near the holy site as Muslim leaders led a two week boycott that they saw the as Israel trying to exert control over the site.

As such the site is now more easily accessible to tourists as well and tensions have calmed a bit.

Full story on BBC.

Avianca pulls out of Venezuela

Avianca airline is the latest to halt flights to Venezuela as the country faces increasing unrest and rioting due to financial and political turmoil. Although there are other airlines that do fly to Venezuela loss of Avianca means that it’s more difficult to get connecting flights.

At the same time, even though it’s theoretically possible to get there, and Malaysians don’t need a visa, we’d recommend holding off on your travels to Venezuela and Brazil where situation isn’t quite so dire yet.

Full story on BBC.

Wildfires in France

Wildfires have erupted in south-eastern France and have forced the evacuation of thousands of people. The scenario is very similar to what is happening in Croatia as well although there the situation is a bit calmer now.

Wildfires are a relatively common problem on the Mediterannean coast so please make sure to do your research before going to the Mediterranean sea-side in the middle of summer. The weather is hot and dry and fires can erupt. You will of course have plenty of warning as a tourist so it’s not a life or death situation but it will ruin your plans.

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