News: AirAsia Fun Run, Qatar flies to Colombo, Changi opens Terminal 4

AirAsia Fun Run

The AirAsia Waran Perjalanan Udara Awam (WPUA) Fun Run happened on July 22nd in KK with over a thousand civil servants participating. There was also a lucky draw for, of course, flights and merch.

It’s part of AirAsia‚Äôs Waran Perjalanan Udara Awam programme that gives perks to public servants including Hot Seat, baggage and meal. Basically the public service equivalent of the corporate service that they’ve announced earlier. We are in the midst of travel companies moving towards corporate service since they’re easier to lock down for longer periods as they’re realizing that as soon as the coupons are gone so are the customers.

Qatar flies to Colombo

Qatar Airways increased the flight frequency to Colombo from August 1st with larger aircraft increasing the overall capacity by about 20 per cent.

This absolutely makes sense since Sri Lanka is becoming popular but it’s also the time of increased focus on Asia as it seems development and increased spending power. Qatar, for example, also increased flights to Moscow recently and New Zealand Air to Bali, and Intercontinental’s opening of several hotels.

Changi opens Terminal 4

Well, technically it’s not open yet but it’s been “unveiled” and it looks nothing short of what we expect of Changi — literally the best airport in the world and with good cause.

The atrium reminds of a cross between Doha and Budapest with an atrium and skylights but the design is super modern while bringing in nature. It looks quite good.

A bit of a privacy concern as the entire terminal is equipped with facial recognition in order to provide certain automated services. It’s concerning, but surveillance in Singapore is very common so it’s not surprising.

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