Don’t stress about packing — you only actually need two things

We hear from people about how they start packing a few days before just to make sure that they didn’t forget anything. To us that seems obsessive especially since there are exactly two things that you need to travel.

Your passport

The most important thing. You should also be very familiar with it. As we mentioned in the how to be prepared post you should memorize the number and expiry date. We also suggest that you have an idea of how many pages you have left and the procedure to renew.

You should keep it with you at all times and be very skeptical of anyone asking for it.

It’s also a very good idea to have a strong cover for it. The Victoria’s Secret ones are quite good quality. There used to be some Victoria Secret ones on Lazada that you can check them out here. And here’s the link to the rest.

Your wallet

You need money, of course but nowadays you don’t really need cash. You can bring cards. Everything that you can possibly forget wont cost you more then a few dollars to replace as you shouldn’t be bringing valuables on your trips anyways. Forgot a toothbrush, sunscreen, socks, even shoes or a swim suit: you could make do with a dollar or few. It’s also a good idea to have one with a zipper, kind of like this.


So, that’s why there is absolutely no reason to stress about packing. Pack the clothes that you would need and some toiletries and don’t stress.


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