Comparison of Intercontinental’s Hotel Indigo and Ayana in Bali

Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) just announced the opening of Hotel Indigo in Seminyak, Bali. Check it out From their promotional material, it reads a lot like an Ayana style resort but in Seminyak, so we thought it might be a good idea to compare the two.

First off, to make sure that this is a fair comparison we checked the prices of the two and found that they were within about 10% of each other, Ayana being the slightly more expensive one. Indigo gets an upper leg there because and because it’s located in Seminyak instead of Jimbaran so it’s much more convenient to go around.

The design “draws inspiration from the flavours, culture and character of its surrounding local neighbourhood, the vibrant and lively Seminyak district” which can be equally said of Ayana and quite a few other resorts as well.

Indigo’s number of rooms however is significantly less, which we consider a good thing in general, with 289 rooms compared to Ayana’s 650 (including Rimba). Overall it’s nicer to stay in a smaller resort but the actual measurement is not the simple number of rooms, but number of rooms per area that the hotel occupies. And Indigo just can’t compete there.

The difference in the grounds and facilities of the two is very significant however. Indigo covers 4.7 hectares, an impressive number for Seminyak, but Ayana has 90. And 90 hectares goes a long way. On 90 hectares you can put 11 swimming pools. Or 17 restaurants. Or a private beach. Or a putting course. Or all of the above in fact, Which Ayana does and does wonderfully.

Overall it might not have been a fair comparison since Indigo is a half-way attempt at being a resort and a centrally located hotel but I think the price similarity justified it. We’re fans of doing either or, since a hotel that tries to do both surely will have to compromise on both — and that’s completely understandable. In our opinion though, we’d much rather stay in smaller boutique hotel in Seminyak for two days and then moving to Ayana for two days of relaxation instead of having 4 days in a hotel like this. That way we get to have the city experience properly, since in Seminyak we’ll probably be only sleeping at the hotel and will be out the entire day followed by a relaxation experience that will be in a place that specializes in it plus you’d get two completely different feelings for each of those.

If you have stayed or seen both do let us know what you think because Indigo is intriguing.

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