How to be prepared to make use of best travel deals

A big part of being able to travel on a budget is being able to snatch sweet sweet limited time deals. You can only make use of those deals if you are prepared in advance and don’t need to spend time on preparations at the last minute. Below are our top ways to be prepared so that you can be the best opportunistic traveler.

Memorize your passport number and expiry date

Nearly every booking (flight and many hotels) require your passport details. Knowing the details is very convenient for be able to book quickly, filling up forms and making sure you don’t get caught off-guard for your passport renewal.

Have a savings account

This is more of a life-tip than a travel tip but it always pays to have a savings account that you can use to take advantage. It doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars but maybe a few hundred to a thousand. That way when a flight to Europe pops up for 500 you can close your eyes and snatch it.

Track public holidays

Tracking public holidays lets you have an idea on when you want to travel and when you know not to. Tickets will normally be more expensive during holiday season but if your country has an unusual public holiday For example in Selangor, Malaysia there is Sultan’s birthday that isn’t celebrated anywhere else so tickets are a bit more expensive to go out from Malaysia but cheap to come back. You can check for Malaysian holidays, for Singapore, for Thailand.

Have an idea of hotel and flight prices

It helps to keep a wishlist of places you’d like to visit and periodically checking. That way over time you’d develop a sense of what is cheap and what is expensive both for hotels and flights.


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