Hainan Airlines has new uniforms, and they’re fabulous!

Hainan airlines showcased their uniforms at the Paris Couture Week recently and I must admin, they look GREAT! Even if they weren’t uniforms they’re stylish enough that you’d be well dressed to wear them out as well.

They were designed by Lawrence Xu and move away from the more commonly seen designs used for uniforms that we see and it’s particularly nice that they make use of a cheongsam, definitely an iconic Chinese garment.

Hainan Airlines New Uniform – Female Cheongsam (PRNewsfoto/Hainan Airlines Holding Co., LT)

I particulary like the blazer that would totally be suitable for wearing to the office. Simple and elegant.

Hainan Airlines New Uniform at Couture Show (PRNewsfoto/Hainan Airlines Holding Co., LT)

I quite like their take on the uniform as both a representation of the country and as a fashion statement. There’s no need to have the uniforms be boring and bland. And this coat is to die for and is just straight-up fabulous:

Hainan Airlines New Uniform in Paris (PRNewsfoto/Hainan Airlines Holding Co., LT)

Other airlines have taken different approaches towards their uniform design.

For example, Qatar choses to use a more conservative and professional look.

Qatar Airlines Uniform – Courtesy of Qatar Airlines.

Emirates is a fusion of the two. A professional and clean look that reminds of the country.

Emirates uniform. Courtesy of Emirates Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines on the other hand, went in a slightly different direction. It uses Batik (the traditional Malaysian and Indonesian method of dying cloth) and is an interpretation of the “kebaya”, Malaysian national dress. (Not exactly but definitely heavily inspired) and it looks lovely too.

Malaysia Airlines uniform.

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