How to go to Hallstatt – Austria

Hallstatt is one of popular tourism town in Austria. It become so popular till China create their own version of “Hallstatt town” in Louyang, Bulou Country. Read More HERE

Travel to Hallstatt quite straight forward as it is a very small town and only have 1 train station. By train from Vienna or Munich it is about 4 hours, and from Salzburg is about 2.5 hours.

Both Austria and German train have group tickets offer. Use these group ticket to save on your train tickets.
Click HERE for OBB (Austrian) group train ticket

Click HERE for DB (German) group train ticket

Once you arrive at Hallstatt train station, immediately take the boat to cross the lake to reach the town. The boat cost 2.5Euro/trip

Hallstatt Train Station
Hallstatt Boat Schedule – from train station to town


Me on the boat – reaching to the pier
Can see how beautiful the town is even before I reach there

There is free wifi on the pier at the town so you can immediately “check in” once arrive 🙂

Hallstatt Pier – such happening and chilling area
View of the town from top
See how the town being surrounded by Lake and mountains
So Peaceful and Relaxing View – Hallstatt
Many houses and other buildings are build on the hill of a mountain
Graveyard on the Church Yard
Some old and unique architecture on the background
Hallstatt city (Town) center
Hallstatt Souvenir Shop
Hallstatt souvenir shop
Hallstatt Souvenir Shop
Antique – Hallstatt
Another view of the town from the top
It really hard to say good bye to Hallstatt

One day trip is quite enough to visit Hallstatt if you do not have much time to spend. Also, no need to drag along your luggage – as you can see the boat trip will be quite troublesome if you have big suitcases. 

Travelling solo during this trip. Made friend along the way with other solo traveler. Fun and easy 😉

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