JR East Nagano Niigata – Where to buy in Malaysia

Good news!
Now we can buy the JR pass without needing to go the store/agent.

As I planned to go for ski trip at Madarao Ski Resort after my business trip in Chiba, I went to JTB at Isetan Lot 10 last week to buy the JR East Pass. When I wanted to made payment, unfortunately we did not have enough cash. After I tried few time to do bank transfer and failed, Ogi went to nearby ATM machine but also failed to withdraw cash. Apparently there was a problem with Maybank and CIMB system at that moment. Since we were reluctant to pay with credit card due to a 2% charges, the JTB staff informed us that we can do bank transfer later on and email her the proof of payment so she can send us the E-Exchange Order via email. We like, “seriously? We don’t need the hard copy of the exchange order?” And she confirm that now they can issue the e-copy. My God, if she has said that earlier a bit and we would not have wasted time there 😂😂

See here my previous post on how to buy JR Pass: http://lifestylehappens.asia/japan-rail-pass-and-where-to-buy-in-malaysia/

So to the point, below are the steps on how you can buy your JR pass online:

1. Get your quotation by writing an email to the Japan Travel Bureau (JTB)

JTB Name Card, emails and phone can be seen there
JTB Name Card, emails and phone can be seen there

The quotation will be as below:

JTB JR Pass East Quotation
JTB JR Pass East Quotation

2. Proceed with payment
The bank account information as below:
public-bankOnce you have made the payment, forward the transfer proof accordingly

3. You will receive the E-Ticket (Exchange Order)

JR EAST PASS E-Exchange Order
JR EAST PASS E-Exchange Order

4. Once arrive at Tokyo airport (either Narita or Hanada), find the Jr East Pass Office and you can immediately show your E-Exchange Order (no need to print out, show them softcopy from phone also can) to get the JR EAST PASS. Below is mine:

Picture of JR East Pass

The JR EAST PASS is valid for 2 weeks and can be use for any 5 days (does not need to be consecutive days) of that 2 weeks period.

Viola! easy peasy for hustle free travel in Japan. :*


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