Dubrovnik – Day 1

It’s been awhile ago since I write here. Was totally occupied with work and the wedding plan. At last, after last night exploring this breathtaking city of Dubrovnik, I found myself missing the old me. It’s like a restart moment πŸ™‚

Here I am, waking up at 7am, siting at this lazy chair and start this post!

We took bus from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik yesterday and it was a treat to the eyes. Even though the journey is about 6 hours but I enjoy every moment of it because the scenery along the way is so beautiful. The nature surprises me. I was like a 7 years old kid, looking out the window and can’t stop saying WOW and taking photos.

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Lots of high mountains, rivers and seas harmony in the most perfect arranged place. Mesmerizing. Photos don’t do justice o how breath taking they are πŸ™‚

Below are some photos of them:

The city of Neum – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Break stop few kilometer away from Mostar
Some town we passed by after the Immigration – Croatia

For next time, I would love to have road trip by car so can stop by along the way to “inheal” properly the beautifulness of the scenery πŸ˜‰

Long story short, we finally reach Dubrovnik and the entrance to the city view is so grand. Forgot to mentioned that the road is along the mountain thus we are in a high position and could see the city on bird eyes view.

Entrance to Dubrovnic – Bridge, Port and town full view

The main bus station is located at the ferry port near this giant cruise ship. From there, we took a merely 5 minutes bus (12 Kuna) to the old town where our accommodation is. Yes we stayed at the Old town, inside the gate. Once we step into the other side of the gate it really feels that we are entering a different world, if only the people inside is not wearing modern clothing and stuff πŸ˜€

Will share full review on our accommodation on another post so you can see all the details, in here I will just share my favorite part which is the view from our small window as below – Can you see 2016 there?? NOPE!

20160610_073334 20160610_073329

As much as we love our room, we (actually ME coz Ogi been here for 6 times already) hurry to get ready to explore the city.

We grab some bakeries and walk the old town immediately, here are some of my favorite shoot:

I’m ready πŸ™‚

20160609_183135Β Β 20160609_184910 20160609_185230 20160609_191850Β 20160609_183803 20160609_183600 GOPR8300_1465491687768_high GOPR8313_1465491687768_high

stairways from our apartment to the main road inside the Old Town
stairways from our apartment to the main road inside the Old Town

20160609_193251(0) GOPR8335_1465504350748_high

20160609_195226 20160609_19525820160609_195246

Can’t wait to explore the wall today yuhuuuuu….

More photo on my FB album: Dubrovnik – Mini Honeymoon

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