Moscow Trip Diary – Day 1 : Flight from Hanoi to Moscow and Hotel Review

12 Oct 2015

Our flight with Vietnam airlines was scheduled to depart at 11am, however due to a late arrival of the airplane, it was delayed for about 30 minutes. It was fine, not too long of a delay. The No Bai airport which is new (about 10 months old) and nice and I managed to fill the waiting time with some small shopping for cosmetic. I bought 2 Body shop face mask (one for me and one for Lian), lipstick and powder from Maybelline.

The BodyShop Face Mask I bought for only USD5 (original price was USD20). It was having a promotion and I needed this mask as at cold weather my skin tend to get very dry.

Direct flight from Hanoi to Moscow took about 11 hours. Depart at 11.30am Hanoi time and arrived at 6.30pm Moscow time (4 hours time different). Vietnam airlines seat was spacious enough. Even for Ogi, he was fine seating at the middle seat without having much complain. However, the entertainment system was completely off. It not functioning at all which are such a disappointment for a national airlines. Luckily we spent most of our time eat and then sleep (at first, we were worried that we won’t be able to sleep as it was a day flight, but it seems the worry was totally not necessary), thus we are not too bored.  The food serves at the flight was ok, but surprisingly for both lunch and dinner menu they serve pork meal. Not that I’m complaining, I enjoy the meal. It just that this is my first time to encounter pork meal being offer at public.

All the food I ate yesterday. So much carbo and little movement. I feel so bloated

Arrived at Moscow Domodedovo Airport (DME) on time and have no problem on passing the immigration. I have been given the exact 5 days I apply where as Ogi have his 3 months stay allowance. The airport was small and we have no problem on finding the AeroExpress train. We tried to purchase the ticket from the ticket machine using credit card but we failed as the machine ask for pin which I can’t remember at all. We then decide to find money changer as we have literary zero Rubble (both off us was very busy at work prior to this trip thus did not manage to exchange money). We found one and the rate was not so bad, so we got our cash, bought our tickets and then 15 minutes later we were on train to Paveletskaya train station. The trip took 45 minutes and cost 470 Rubble / Person/Way.

ogi AeroExpress
Ogi volunteering to be the model on these photos 🙂 Left: The train from the outside. Right: Inside of the train

Btw, It was 8 degree Celsius. It cold! brrrrr

Our hotel The Aparthotel Adagio Moscow Paveletskaya located in very strategic location. from the train station, we just need to cross the street and walk for about 6 minutes straight to the hotel.

Check in was fast and there were 24/7 supermarket nearby the hotel where we can grab some food to prepare for our dinner.

Adagio is part of Accor family and from the name it self – Aparthotel, we are staying at a hotel in apartment style. We have fully equip kitchen and living room that can be converted into bed room once we pull the bed from the wall.

A fully equipped kitchen, ideal for cooking meals. It completed with Refrigerator-freezer, Microwave with grill Extractor hood, Ceramic hob, Dishwasher, Kettle and coffee maker, Crockery and kitchen utensils, Cleaning kit (dishwasher tablets, sponge, cloth, etc.)

The space was quite smaller then I imagine and they do not provide daily cleaning service. This is my first time staying at this type of hotel and i’m kinda disappointed to be honest, especially with the size. However, the facility all are solid and follow Accor international standard, so we’ll make do with it.

The Bathroom
The Bathroom

That the wrap of yesterday. Didn’t manage to snap photo of our delicious grill chicken as we were so hungry, tired and jetla g 😀

Looking forward meeting my Erasmus friends today and off course touring the city. yuhu

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