I got my very first Bloomthis flower yesterday, on 20th August 2015 which coincide with Chinese Valentines Days – Qixi Festival . A sweet surprise and it of course made my day – I am a happy girl 🙂

So the story goes as below:


A young man, very decent looking and neat ( not like general delivery men type ) came to my office carrying this long box and looking for me. My first though was what did I bought online that could be in that long shape? Then I remember I did not expecting any online shopping delivery as I did not make one within the week. Then it must be one of my client delivery, but the box are too small for inventory.  So by the time I’m done guessing I was reaching him and the first thing he said was: “Ms. Filivi you have a gift of surprise”   and then  he hand me the box.

I said: ‘O, thanks” – because surprise of what he said, I can’t think of saying anything else

He smile and left

At that moment I saw the written of Bloomthis on the box and I recalled where I saw the word before. It was on the Facebook Ads, the one with beautiful flower images. I remember I shown that page to Ogi and told him how beautiful the flower selection are and I was thinking to try to order to see whether they are really in that high quality as the picture shown or no. However, since then I got busy and forgot about that.

So it must be it!
That Bloomthis! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to open it.
I peeked and my heart skip a beat. Those beauty inside the box were lovely!

During lunch hour I decided to went home so that I can open them and put them in vase directly

Happy face unboxing the Bloomthis package

I personally prefer to receive flower in this type of packaging especially if I’m receiving it at public area, it will attract less attention 😀

Inside the box, there were greeting card from Bloomthis, greeting card from their partner – this time was L’Occitane with a product sample and and Know Your Flowers Card.

Greeting card from Bloomthis at the front side and personal message from sender at the back side. I got a smily winky face emoticon on my message. Just that hahahha that’s confirm it 100% from Ogi 😉
10ml Jardin Secret from L’Occitane. Later if bring this card to any of L’Occitane outlet, I can redeem a FREE Rose Hand Cream 10ml
They also include information about the flower and how to taking care of them

Arranging the flower on my own give me it’s own satisfaction. I was enjoying myself and feel satisfy once they sat beautifully at the vase.

This week surprise flower are Anthurium, Royal Yellow Rose and Spray Rose.

All flower when I received it were in good shape. Only one of my Anthurium got a small problem. If you can see from the picture above, the tip of the flower are darker as sign off dying soon 🙁
I believe that was a honest mistakes and truly I still very satisfy with the luxury arrangement and feeling I got when I received the package. Salute to Bloomthis team!

I took couple of more photos of the flower and with myself so that I could share it to Ogi 😀

oh well, they are making my day better for sure 🙂

For girl out there who love to brighten your room with flowers, I would recommend Bloomthis. Best of it, you can subscribe to receive your surprise flower on weekly or fortnightly basis. Ssstttt, you won’t know what flower you will receive nor you can order one, that’s the beauty of Bloomthis, surprise everytime you recive your flower 😉

For guys out there, well, do I need to convince you more that this is a good idea on how you can shower your love one with sweet surprise? 100% they will love it 😀

For more details on how you can order your luxury flower, you can visit their website
Ogi’s feedback on the website (because he is the one who ordering) – I quote ” the website is super simple to use and easy check out 

You can check out more review on their social media platform:
– Facebook:
– Instagram:

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Lazada Malaysia

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