How to check-in online and print out boarding pass at home for airasia flight


Check-in online and print out boarding pass at home is very simple and there are many benefits such as:

  • Skip queue for check-in at the airport
  • Save RM10 on check-in at the airport fee
  • No need to arrive at the airport too long in advance. If you do not have checked baggage, you could directly procceed to the departure / boarding room —> Very useful in case you are running late or have a tight schedule

It is why I’m strongly advice you to check-in online as a habbit and here are the 5 steps guideline how to do it:

  1. Go to airasia homepage
  2. Click Web Check-in —–> New check-in —-> fill up the boxes and click GO

    *Web Check-In is only available 14 days to 1 hour (AirAsia – AK ,QZ, FD, PQ, Z2, I5flights) and 14 days to 4 hours (AirAsia X – D7, XJ, XT flights) before departure.
  3. Fill up your information
  4. Change your seat, upsize your check-in baggage or purchase your insurance [OPTIONAL]
    page 2
  5. Confirm your online Check-in by click the continue button. You may print the boarding pass directly or send it your email or send the 2D Barcode to your mobile and print it at the airport
    page 3

See, a piece of cake right 🙂


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