Penang History Food Village at DPULZE – Restaurant Review


Restaurant main entrance
Restaurant main entrance

A good news for those who wanted to visit Penang for the food and it’s street art but have no time to travel yet, there is a new restaurant opening in DPulze mall with setting as if we are dining in Penang itself.

“The only Penang Street Art theme restaurant in Cyberjaya”

The restaurant name is Penang History Food Village and they serving Penang specialty such as  Spicy Prawn Mee, Chicken rice, Roasted Pork and more with reasonable price. See menu below:


What so special about this restaurant is the setting which full with wallpaper exactly the same with some art street in Penang.

Walpaper 1 – set of windows of heritage building which commonly found in Georgetown, Penang
Wallpaper 2 on one of the corner of the restaurant

We came quite late for lunch, if I’m not mistaken around 2pm thus not many people in the restaurant and I could manage to snap a good photo of the restaurant setting


Sitting arrangement nearby the entrance
Prawn Mee. Taste good and it is one of their Chef recommended menu. I also recommend you to try this 🙂
Fried Kwetiau. Taste good but portion quite small. For guy, I think they need to order two meals in order to be full

Overall the restaurant have a good food, reasonable price and refreshing ambient. It is also a big restaurant thus no need to be worry it will be full. No smoking area but customer can easily walk out outside to smoke as they have special door for it at the back.

Please note that his restaurant is non halal as they serve pork. It is located at the same floor with Jaya grocer and on the opposite corner of MPH.

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