SkinnyMint 28 Days Teatox Review – Product and Result


I bet some of you have seen many ads and campaign about this product before. Either in Facebook ads or share and repost by friends in other social media such as Instagram. I got curious too and since I like the packaging I decided to order and see whether this Teatox is really work or no.

I made my order on Friday (17 Oct ) and I received my package yesterday, Tuesday (21 Oct). Pretty fast and free delivery worldwide. YES, WORLDWIDE FREE DELIVERY 😉

One set cost Rm 169. 90 and consist of: Morning Boost Pack (28 Morning Boost tea bags, one every morning) and Night Cleanse Pack ( 14 Night Cleanse tea bags, one every two nights , starting on the first night of the Teatox)

 1. Morning Boost Pack
Morning Boost energises with nutrients and natural brain stimulants. Fresh and fruity Morning Boost can replace your morning coffee/black tea.

At the back of the package you can see clearly the instructions and ingredient information.
Content of the resealable pack
Single tea bag
The tea original color. Taste like green tea or rather tasteless. It does smell good but I don’t really enjoy the tea at all. 🙁
My favorite cup. Got it from Typo <3

2. Night Cleanse Pack

Night Cleanse cleanses and relieves bloat, cramps and constipation during the night with natural digestive agents. Earthy and soothing Night Cleanse is the perfect bedtime ritual.

At the back of the package you can see clearly the instructions and ingredient information. The fragrance of the tea smell like spices and minty rather than fruity.

So,  that’s all I can say about this product now. I have photos and body measurement taken right before I took my first sip of the tea. We’ll see the result after 28 days.

Meanwhile, to order you can directly check their official website:
You can have detail information about the product there and also testimonial and review from many of their customers. Most of them very convincing and from good looking people hahahahhaa 😀


So, I have finished my 28 days detox challenge and see below my testimony:

Good comments:

  1. Effective to reduce bloating even after the first day of drinking the Teatox.
    When I woke up in the morning, my stomach seriously no bloating at all.
  2. Make me go to toilet for “Business no 2” regularly on daily basis without feeling stomach pain
    This is very important because I tried another green tea before and it hurt so much everytime I want to go to toilet.

Not-so-good comments:

  1. I did not lose an inch during the teatox period.
    Please note that I did not do exercise at all and eat normally. Thus in my conclusion, the teatox itself does not directly make you slim down or lose some inch
  2. I did not lose my appetite as it claim to be (that is why I still eat normally)

So, there are my review and now it is your time to decide whether buying this product is a good investment or no.

Hope it help and remember we all are unique and don’t forget to LOVE OURSELF! :*


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