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Lazada Malaysia

Been here last week for the very first time and though might as well write a review about this restaurant.

This is so far the only Shabu-Shabu restaurant in Cyberjaya and for this month they have
with discount up to 50%.

Check out the discounted pricing below:

Lunch RM19.90 ++
Dinner RM25.90 ++

 This restaurant just open 2 months ago and once you enter you still get the “new restaurant” feeling

From this photo you can see the decoration on the wall and ceiling of the restaurant. Oggy, Lian and Joff are at the sauces table and behind them you can see wooden table for single dinner area

What I like the most from this restaurant is their table design in which each dinner can have their own steamboat pot

The sitting arrangement can fit up to a group of 6 dinners with 6 mini stoves for individual steamboat pot
My first round of steamboat. I got tom yam soup and I planned to make my own seafood tom yam with fish, prawn, clams and lots of mushroom
Joffrey’s beef and fish soup. Thanks God we have our own individual soup pot. His creation is always weird and full of experiment.
End of our feast, Lian still trying to finish my prawns 😀  Yeah my bad, took too much. I used to eat lot of prawns during BBQ and apparently not really like it in soup

There are few option for soft drinks and ice lemon tea. Two type of ice cream flavors which are Chocolate and Vanilla.
The Ice cream is the normal one. Quite low quality I would say. Not tempting at all.

In my opinion, it is worth it to visit this place with the promotion price especially the Lunch / Tea hours
Best to dine here with a group of friends so can have the food and chatting at the same time with relax ambient

The normal price range from Rm 35++ to RM59++ which I personally feel quite expensive compare to for example Seoul Garden offer.
Caution: one thing weird about this place is the music selection
Seriously we were listening to rock music and Linking Park the whole time
I was like????

Anyway since Cyberjaya is far from everywhere, in case of lazy going out to somewhere far, this could be a good option for Steamboat and Shabu-Shabu Dining.

Volcano shabu -Shabu Shaftburry Square, P3-17

Lazada Malaysia

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