Plan your long weekend on 2015

Generally we have 18 annual leaves. On below Calender you can see how I make use of only
10 annual leaves to have 9 long weekends on 2015

1 st January                     : New Year
1st February                    : Federal territory day
3rd February                   : Thaipusam
19th February                 : Chinese New Year
20th February                 : Chinese New Year (2nd day)
1st May                             : Labour Day
3rd May                            : Vesak Day
17 July                              : Hari Raya Puasa
31st August                     : National Day
16th September              : Malaysia Day
24th September             : Hari Raya Haji
14th October                   : Awal Muharram
10th November              : Deepavali
24th December              : Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
25th December              : Christmas

In 2015 we have 15 public holidays in total. This is valid for those who work in Selangor region as I do. The other 8 annual leaves we have, we could reserve it for emergency or add it to any of the long weekend showed above to have an even LOOOOONGER WEEKEND 😉

Speaking from experience, knowing when the holidays in advance are brings so many benefits, such as:

  1. Plan your holiday in advance and grab all the promotions price (flight, accommodation, packages etc)
    – See the world with your own eyes –
  2. Apply leaves in advance to avoid the hassle of approval
    – Avoid disappointment of not being able to make it for exciting plans –
  3. Surprise your loved one with a planned surprise trip that they won’t have difficulty to accept
    You’ll be the hero 😉 –
  4. Make sure you can “Pulang Kampung” at least once a year to spend time with parents and the whole family
    – They are the most precious in this world –
  5. Plan and execute work smartly and efficiently to fulfill deadlines (work responsibly) before the public holidays
    Avoid unnecessary stress or OT (Over Time)- 

Hope the above information could help make your 2015 more colorful and enjoyable
Now you know my holidays, catch me if you can yuhuuu 😉


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