Royal balloon VS Voyager balloon

Who said riding air balloon is just about floating in the air?

There is so much excitement on board and it really depends on which balloon company you are travelling with and how experienced your pilot is.

Before my trip I did lots of research and found the top two balloon companies that I decided to shortlist: Royal Balloon and Voyager Balloon. Below follows a summary comparison between the two the tie-breaker that helped me make my decision.

Royal Balloon

As the name says Royal Balloon, this company offers Royal trips to their passengers. You can see from their website all best features they offer from highest insurance policy to famous pilots and as well as photos and videos of the rich and famous who flew with them.There seems to be no doubt (at least for me) on the quality of their service which comes at a higher price as well.

If you are on a budge it would probably not be advisable to go with this company as the starter flight is EUR175 per person. There are cheaper options that offer similar quality.

The Royal Balloon hotel is not recommended though, as it is located away from the Goreme city center and directly faces the highway which makes it quite noisy.

Voyager Balloon

This company carries a lot of good reviews from Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor and is the company with a smiley face on the top of the balloon. The standard flight (in which the balloon capacity is 2 – 20 people) is EUR160 per person. By booking directly on their website and mentioning and the promotional code TTP01 you can get a free upgrade to the comfort flight (balloon capacity of 12-16) which normally costs EUR180. If you pay in cash, you will get a further EUR10 discount. Price-wise there isn’t much difference between them and Royal Ballon but with the upgrade and paying in cash Voyager becomes much better value. A difference of EUR30 in fact, which isn’t insignificant.

The difference between standard and comfort flights is the amount of space provided to you in the basket. A crowded basket means limited space to move, therefore allowing you a smaller view of the area. With more space, you can shuffle around with the other passengers letting everyone have a full birds eye view and of course allow you to take more awesome photos.

Having a good pilot is also very important for your experience during the flight. Our pilot from Voyager has had three years of prior experience and I really felt that he did a good job.

An experience pilot can also do more complicated technical manoeuvres such as flying close to the cliff and the ground as shown in the video below.


Click HERE for the youtube link

Following is the view around us from the balloon.

Click HERE for the youtube link

After the flight we had celebratory champaign!

Click HERE for the youtube link

Hope the review helps!
Photos of my balloon ride can be seen on my previous post.

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