How book Flight ticket from Seoul to Jeju Island

This topic I personally feel is very important for traveller who try to purchase flight tickets on Korea airlines. It is because most of the time the airline system did not accept oversea credit card therefore when you try to booked online, you will face a problem on the payment page – Payment Failed.

Do not stress or panic. There is nothing wrong on your credit card it just really the airline system did not want to accept it. I tried my self with Malaysian card and my friend tried with her Germany card, both failed when we tried to book Seoul-Jeju ticket on November 2013.

So below is the tips how to purchase your tickets with your credit card without facing any trouble

1) Go to (Best view on Internet explorer)



2) Search for flight destination, timing and the flight number. Select your preferable flight timing



3) Send email to about the flight that you want to book



4) Within 28 hours you will receive a reply and the reservation number / PNR number


5) Next there are 2 options to proceed

  • Reply to the email and provide your credit card or debit card information and authorize them to proceed with booking
  • Call +82 1599 1500 and give them your reservation number / PNR number and inform them your credit card or debit card information for direct purchase

6) Your electronic ticket will be sent to your email once the payment is successful. This way you won’t be facing problem on your oversea credit card. It just need extra steps compare to directly book it yourself via the website

That it! As simple as that!

Good Luck!

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