How to book train ticket from Delhi to Agra (Taj Mahal)

1. Go to

2. Create account and log in (You will need active India phone number for verification purpose)

3. Search Trains
Departure station choose: DELHI–All station
Arrival station choose: Agra Cantt (AGC)


4) Choose Train
The search will display many train options. Choose Bhopal Shatabdi train. It mostly used by foreigner . Early departure time will give you enough time to explore Agra in 1 day. Ticket price are inclusive of breakfast.


5) Itenerary details. Click “continue booking” to proceed


6) Fill up passenger Information then  click “continue to pay”
It is very important to fill up the correct name and passport number for verification purpose when board the train.


7) For foreigner, we can conveniently choose to pay via credit card or Debit card


8) e-ticket will be sent to your email and you have to print them and bring them to the trip. Print screen in your phone also acceptable as long as they can see the ticket number and your name and passport number for verification.

9) Buy tickets in advance is advisable because the train is mostly full.

10) To get your return ticket, you can do the same by switch the stations on the departure and arrival boxes and choose the same train.

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